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Industrial Gas Cooling and Cleaning

We offer customized industrial gas cleaning plants for removal of gaseous pollutants and dust collection. Depending on the needs and requirements we use various methods and processes.


Wet FGD due to its high efficiency, simplicity and reliability is the most common technology for flue gas purification in power industry, but is also frequently used for removal of acidic contaminants from various industrial gases.

The technology we are offering is a variation of a limestone process based on the license agreement signed with Non-ferrous Metals Institute and Institute of Chemical Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences.


Semi-dry FGD "DRY SCRUBBING", which features moderate investment cost and relatively low operating cost, in many applications is optimal technology for gas purification for middle-size power plants.

Our reference list includes application of this process for removal of acid pollutants from gases from combustion of fuels and other contaminated industrial gases.


 Dry scrubbing process characterized by injection of dry lime or sodium sorbent is less expensive alternative for the more efficient wet and semi-dry methods, recommended for applications where removal efficiency is not critical.

Gas cleaning in incineration plants

We offer complete systems for removal of acid pollutants, dust, dioxines and heavy metals from flue gas in municipal and industrial waste incinerators. Depending on the application requirement we use dry, semi-dry, wet FGD or their combination.

Pulse-jet filters

This is almost twenty years since designed and delivered by AMK pulse-jet filters have been in successful operation in variety of industrial settings. To keep abreast of the latest developments in construction, operating techniques and selection of materials, the filters' designs are permanently modernized. Wealth of operating experience in the filters performance is reflected in construction adjustments made in design of new models.

The PF family comprises a range of new generation pulse-jet filters:
  • PFM, PFS and PFD type - Bag filters optimized to cover various gas flow range
  • PFP type - Horizontal bag filters
  • PFC type - Cyclonic bag filters
  • PFZ type - Compact dust-collectors designed for silos
  • PFN type - Pleated bag filters
  • PFK type - Cassette filters
Each filter operating in potentially explosive environments can be furnished with appropriate protective system. For the most demanding applications AMK's filters employ innovative, proprietary solutions, which combine the highest particulate removal efficiency with substantial operating costs savings. These solutions are protected by patents. 

Typical applications of our filters include cement and lime industry, non-ferrous metals and metallurgy.

Industrial gas coolers

Our gas coolers feature robust construction which enables them to operate in hash industrial environment. They are used for cooling of hot gases heavily loaded with dust. The heat exchange surface of CC type gas coolers is furnished with mechanical cleaning systems making them fit for applications with potentially sticky gas.
With years of experience in designing and operating of industrial gas treatment systems, AMK has developed the following series of gas coolers:

Coolers CR type - Tubular gas coolers with hot gas flow inside the tubes, recommended for gases with moderate load of non-sticky dust;

Coolers CC type - Flat tube gas coolers, with hot gas flow outside the tubes and mechanical cleaning system of heat exchange surface, are designed for the cooling of industrial gases heavily loaded with sticky dust;

Coolers CP type - Plate type gas coolers are used. One of the applications of the plate type gas coolers is heat exchange between raw and treated flue gas in the DRY SCRUBBING process.

Spray Dryers

AMK's spray dryers equipped in rotary atomizers are designed for production technologies using spray drying and air pollution control plants using spray drying absorption of acid contaminants. The equipment is furnished with advanced control system and can be delivered as stand alone unit or as a component of a more complex system.