Induction Heating

Batch reactor vessel heating by electric mains frequency induction heating is the most advanced precision heating method available to any fluid processing company.

Due to the heating system being inherently simple and very reliable, the choice of heating by induction should be regarded as the prefered choice.

Melting Solutions Ltd has over 30 years experience in induction heating and has delivered vessel / batch reactor heaters to many countries all over the world.

Varying sizes with differing heat up rates can be offered as each vessel heater is bespoke to the customers needs.


• No physical contact between induction coil and heated vessel wall.
• Instant start-up and shut-down. No thermal inertia.
• Low heat loss
• Precision product and vessel wall temperature control without over shoot.
• High energy input. Ideal for automatic or micro-processor control
• Safe hazard area or standard industrial operation at line voltage.
• Pollution free uniform heating at high efficiency.
• Low running costs.
• Low or high temperature working.
• Simple and flexible to operate.
• Minimum maintenance.
• Consistent product quality.
• Heater self-contained on vessel generating minimum floor space requirement.

Typical production using induction heating : 10t 800 kVA to 350 ° C induction batch reactor.
• Reactors and Boilers
• Special coatings and adhesion
• Chemical industry, oil and gas
• Food and Beverage
• Metallurgy and Metalworking
Equipment which is ideal for induction heating :
Reactors and boilers, autoclaves, process vessels and storage lagoons, bath tubs, pressure vessels, evaporators and superheaters, heat exchangers and rotating drums.