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Bar Straightener

 Bar Straightener    Bar Straightener

Today, Arcon offers custom-built machines to suit the unique demands of customers. Arcon products provide straightening solutions for virtually any material composition and any size, ranging from 5 mm to over 200 mm.  Arcon bar straightening machines have been installed for applications featuring Cold or Hot Rolled Bars. Arcon's two roll and multi-roll PBR machines are used worldwide, providing high standards of straightness, surface finish and controlled surface hardness.



PBR.V.0 with Duoflex® Rolls

This machine is specially designed for ferrous and non-ferrous applications for semi-finished components from 5-32 mm diameter. The Duoflex work rolls ensure a high degree of straightening accuracy and low guide bar wear equates to a longer production life.

PBR.V.2 Roll

The four column design, incorporating two vertically opposed work rolls, is ideal for straightening bars from 5 to over 100 mm. This design offers a high level of productivity, efficiency and quick size change capabilities.


Multi Roll

The machine is specially designed to operate at high speeds to increase productivity and efficiency and has nine work rolls. All three bottom rolls are individually driven from the three geared motor units via three universal drive shafts. In order to cover the full range of diameters, each roll is adjustable in an angular direction, while the idle rolls have both angular and vertical adjustments to cater for bar diameter and straightening pressure. Since the bars to be straightened rest on the three bottom driven rolls, no positioning guide or bearer bars are required.



  • Guide Bar Access - Machines are equipped with a "swing out" table to provide
        changing of bars, easy inspection, expose work rolls and removal of scale
  • Hydraulic Roll Load Control - The load is preset and automatically maintained
        even with material irregularities during operation
  • Roll Changing - Easy access to rolls allows for roll refurbishing or roll changing to
        Bright or Black bar profiles
  • Roll Adjustment - Angular adjustment is provided for both the top and the bottom
        rolls; height adjustment can also be made to the top roll to minimize the effects of
        off-center loading as the bar enters and leaves the machine





Bright Bars


Centreless turned or drawn bars are straightened from
end to end and polished to a high degree in one pass

Black Bars : As rolled bar ovality rounded up to a constant diameter
over full length; straightened from end to end, scale is
removed and surface finish is greatly improved
Thick Walled Tubes : Ideal for precision straightening and rounding up of all
types of thick walled tubes
High Product Activity : High throughput speeds; automatic handling equipment
for one person operation; high overall operating efficiency;
rapid size and roll changing capabilities
Low Surface Work Hardening : With the use of our hydraulic roll load control device